Saturday, August 14, 2010


The Great Wooden Trio sent storyteller Brad Woods on a fact finding mission this past July. The assignment was simple: "Go and See". The idea was to go and see if the ground was fertile, if the stage was set and if the United Kingdom was indeed ready to hear the tales the Great Wooden Trio tell! If the response was positive then maybe, just maybe we would find a way to get all four of us over there telling tales and singing our guts out. If not, surely Brad would come back with a good road tale or two. Either way Brad spun yarns in Castles, pubs, theatres, festivals, yurts, schools and churches, from London to the Scottish Highlands and back again. Here we have the pictures to prove it. We are currently holding meetings and forming sub committees in order to find the truth and move forward, stay tuned...

My first gig in the UK, telling stories at the Matlock Storytelling Cafe in Matlock (nothing to do with the TV show). Perhaps my best road story comes from this gig. You'll have to ask me out along the way some time.

While in the West Midlands I got invited to tell tales at the Derby Cycle Festival, an entire festival dedicated to sustainable transportation with a storytelling stage. Brilliant! I also rode a penny farthing while there.

Sharing jungle stories with the kids at the Olney Reception School as a favour to some of my favourite people in the world, Micheal and Lilly...and Sofia!

Storytelling in a Yurt for the good folk at the Village Storytelling Centre in Glasgow. I was supposed to tell up at the Castle but after a rain the hill was just too slippery so I got moved to the Yurt at the bottom. Not a bad compromise.

A Yurt for goodness sake!

Chatting with some new friends at the Lyth Arts Centre in the very north of Scotland. I have never experienced landscape or folks like this before.

Telling Canadian inspired stories in Northern Scotland at the Lyth Arts Centre. Check this place out on-line, it's what all Arts Centres should be like!

Outside the Sanctuary at Culduthel Christian Centre in Inverness. My stories were very well recieved here, can't wait to return. This was a hi-lite of our trip. What an honour and a blessing to be able to stay in the home of the Goudies by way of the Biers. Thank you, thank you, thank you all!

Warming up with tea and Welsh cakes before telling and talking story in Cardiff. In my wildest dreams I never thought storytelling would bring me to Wales.

I was invited to tell original Canadian stories at the grand opening of Calahonda Baptist Church in Southern Spain. I had the privilege of sharing the stage with our musical inspiration Kenn Oke, his beautiful wife Doreen and Brit-Pop sensation Yazz. Folk, jazz, gospel, poetry and stories...what a night, and again...WHAT A MONTH!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

One of the best things we have ever done, was to play the Mariposa Festival in Orillia this past July. We played four different times, sharing the stage with the likes of Ken Whiteley, The Good Lovelies, The Fugitives, Guy Davis, Enoch Kent, Fred Penner, Dave Wall, Ben Whiteley, Bucky Berger.... and the list goes on. We marvelled at performances by Daniel Lanois, Luc Doucet, The Skydiggers, The Proclaimers, Steven Page, Royal Wood, and more. Brad met the Reid brothers from The Proclaimers and we hung out backstage with Daniel Lanois. What could be cooler? We were treated extremely well, met fantastic people and enjoyed fabulous live music under a cooler than normal July sky. What better way to kick off the summer!!!
Thanks once again to Cher MacNeill for the great performance shots!!

Wow!! I just got my hands on these photos. Jeff Woods (the oldest of the Woods boys) throws a street party every June in Riverdale - east end of downtown Toronto. The street is closed off to traffic, the bbq's come out, they open up the fire hydrant for the kids to run through, and most recently - the GWT stages a bit of a concert on Jeff's front lawn. Neighbours, locals and passersby hung out and enjoyed a cool one on one of the first warm days of the summer.
It's been said before but this time it's really true -
a good time was had by all!
Thanks to Ryan Barwell for the great photos!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We in the GWT have come off one of our busiest and most successful winters ever!! Before the festival season starts, let us fill y'all in on what we've been up to.

For those who don't know, Bersh has for several years been leading his high school Improv team to provincial and national competitions - that ever elusive victory still on the horizon. More recently Bersh has been taking his improv tricks on the road, having had the opportunity to lead workshops and training sessions for theatre groups, treatment centres and university programs. 

Greg is spreading the percussion-love, recently recording with Ruth Cassie on her first solo release. Ruth spent part of last year touring Europe in Hawksley Workman's band. Greg is also involved in a live worship recording session with the incredible jazz pianist Mike Janzen. The recording will take place at Little Trinity Anglican Church in Toronto's east end on June 5th, 6th and 7th.

Kevin has recently accepted an offer to return for the second time to North Western Ontario this summer to tour the area doing what he does best, play guitar. Kevin will be playing at a summer camp, churches and cafe's in and around Kenora, Dryden and Wabigoon. Watch for him if you're in the area!

Brad is using all methods possible to bring attention back to traditional storytelling. He has been commisioned to write and record voice over for a Muskoka Woods promotional video. Muskoka Woods is a sports resort on Lake Rosseau. Brad continues to contribute storytelling broadcasts at CFRU 93.3 and has finally taken the plunge and mailed off a manuscript of his original stories to an undisclosed publisher. Couldn't resist adding that last bit in - let's hope something comes from it. 

 Over the next few months we will be appearing in various incarnations at Latitudes Storytelling Festival in Kitchener, Mariposa Folk Festival in Orillia, Hillside Music festival in Guelph and the the Blueberry festival in Sioux Lookout.

 See you along the way!

Monday, April 6, 2009

On Sunday March 29th, The Great Wooden Trio and African Griot, dancer, singer and storyteller Adwoa Badoe shared the stage at the 2009 TORONTO FESTIVAL OF STORYTELLING. This event was held at The Loop Centre for Lively Arts and Learning in Artscape Wychwood Barns. African rhythms, tasty harmonies and acoustic grooves blended into a vibrant evening of spoken word and music. The new Artscape space is amazing, and we're hoping to be invited back to perform there again as soon as possible! Thanks to Cher MacNeill for the cool snapshots!

On Saturday March 7, we had the pleasure of performing at HOPE FELLOWSHIP CHURCH in Courtice Ontario. HOPE FELLOWSHIP was hosting a 10th Anniversary Community Dinner Party.  Special thanks to Carl Feddema for arranging the evening and who took us out for cheap laffs and Ultimate Fighting later that evening. 
Awesome photos by David G.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


On Sunday June 15, we held the final Great Wooden Trio CD Launch party at The Bread and Circus Theater and Bar in Kensington Market, downtown Toronto. Once again, there was a massive early summer thundershower that made getting down to Kensington somewhat of a challenge. Thanks to all who did brave the rain and lightning and made it out that night. Opening for us was the brilliant comedy of Peter Stevens - we're still quoting some of his genius lines. Joining us again was David White, mandolin player extraordinaire and a host of close Toronto friends who quite frankly, storm or no storm, filled the narrow little bar in Kensington. Here are some more Cher MacNeill pics from that evening - thanks Cher!! Thanks also to Scott "buzz-killer" Francisco for taking matters into his own hands. We could use a guy like you in our organization.